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Where are they now? FliteBrite

Posted by TS Bank on Sep 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM

In Community

We’re following up with last year’s REV winners to talk about their REV experience, give advice to those who plan to apply, and share and how their business has changed since REV 2016.

Describe your business in two sentences:
FliteBrite is the world’s first electronic serving system that provides an engaging beer flight experience for more connected customers, while unlocking valuable data and overall brand awareness for restaurants and brewpubs nationwide. Welcome to the future of smart flights!

Tell us about your REV experience:
We appreciated the opportunity to share our story at REV 2016 and enjoyed meeting the friendly team at TS Bank. Their commitment to building community is clear and the money we won truly accelerated our Iowa-based company.


How did you use the prize money?
The $10,000 we earned helped support our formal unveiling at the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC. It was also used for product development as we worked toward delivering fully manufactured, electronic beer flight paddles into the wild for the very first time. Smart flights are now being served at a handful of Iowa breweries, with a nationwide waiting list growing as we polish and expand our product line.

Any updates on the business?
Our team continues to enhance our product while opening new sales channels nationwide. POS integration and a new mobile app is brewing, so watch for more information on this front soon.

Along with product development, we are excited to announce that FliteBrite is now raising capital to further accelerate growth. It’s an exciting time at FliteBrite and we invite accredited investors to contact us to learn more.


What do you need to continue accelerating growth?
Grab your phone, connect with @FliteBrite throughout social media and share this article with anyone you know who likes craft beer! In addition to connecting with us and spreading the word, introductions to folks who may see FliteBrite as a strategic investment would be outstanding.

What advice would you give to REV applicants?
Go all in and be prepared to share a concise pitch that highlights your business, but also know the details that matter so you can intelligently respond to any question.

How can someone learn more about your company?
FliteBrite is easy to find online. We invite you to visit www.FliteBrite.com and connect with @FliteBrite on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Cheers! 

To see footage from our recent pitch - watch the video clip below!